About out goods philosophy

Our Goods Philosophy

At Chipotle, we approach food differently. From the beginning, we imagined a better world, and chose to make it real.

Our approach to Chipotle Goods is different as well. We take the same care, respect, and big-picture thinking we apply in the kitchen to everything else we make.

Thoughtfully made from the inside out

Sustainable first

Partnering for Change

Our aim is to not only be less wasteful, but also climate positive as we close the loop on food and fashion-which means, we aim to do good when it comes to the environment and social impact around the world. But real change takes time. And while we’ve come a long way, we know we can always do better. That’s why we work with like-minded partners to find creative solutions and sustainable systems where everybody wins.

One of the groups we’ve partnered with is Textile Exchange, a global non-profit that identifies and shares best practices for farming, materials, processing, traceability, and end-of-life in order to reduce the textile industry’s impact on the world’s water, soil, air, and human population.


Textile exchange partner
Anthem partner
Loomstate partner
Flowstate partner



As a pioneer in sustainable fashion, Loomstate was a natural fit to become our exclusive restaurant uniform partner. As we launch Chipotle Goods, they play an integral role in our shared vision of thoughtfully-designed apparel made from 100% certified organic materials and socially-responsible methods of production.

Read their 2019 Impact Review


Loomstate partnership
All profits from sales via the ChipotleGoods.com site will be donated to charitable causes dedicated to making apparel and food more sustainable. To determine the amount of the donations, ‘profits’ are computed as the sales price received for an item, less the cost of the item, shipping and handling charges, and an agreed cost allocation for our supplier partners.