End of Life

We think it is critical to raise public awareness about the importance of textile recycling and the need to reduce the amount of used clothing and other post-consumer textile waste that ends up in our nation's landfills and incinerators. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 85% of post-consumer textile waste ends up in landfills, or some 21 billion pounds each year – no small number!

We are committed to working with our supply chain as well as industry leaders to develop and refine the recycling systems for apparel products and their resulting end of life strategies. Additionally, we approach our design and development process with the goal of minimizing waste and utilizing materials that are recyclable whenever we can. Loomstate is an active member of both the Sustainable Apparel Coalition and The Council for Textile Recycling, two organizations that are working to reduce the environmental and social impacts of apparel and footwear products around the world.

Our products are created to last and intended to be worn and eventually wear out over time. We recognize though that at some point you might part ways with a favorite item and we encourage you to find a new purpose or home for any garments that are still wearable; donate it to a charity or to someone who can give the product a second life - save the energy and resources needed to make a replacement product. Repurposing is also a great way of breathing newness into an item: get creative!

If your garment is past the point of donation, there are numerous community-based textile recycling programs that will gladly take it and keep it out of the waste stream.

Wear. Donate. Recycle.