Product Care

Whenever possible, we try to minimize the impact that our products have on the environment during their design, production and shipment to our customers. That same mindful approach can be taken in the care of your items once they are received.

It is easy to cut down on the amount of water, chemicals and energy used when caring for your products by trying these easy, low-impact cleaning methods.

We think it's best to wash in cold water and simply hang dry in the sun. Cold water and fresh air save energy and have the same desired results.

Eliminate bleach and use instead mild detergents made from non-toxic, environmentally-friendly ingredients. Bleach and synthetic detergents can be irritating to the skin and have been associated with health problems; they are also harsh on fabrics and can lessen the life of your garment. Be kind to your clothing!

Avoid dry-cleaning whenever possible, as the chemicals used by most dry-cleaners pollute the air, ground, and water. Hand wash cold with mild detergent and hang dry instead.

For specific care instructions on any of our products please refer to the product information page or the side sewn care label inside the garment. Our customer service team is also willing to assist with any questions you may have. Contact them through our customer service portal.