The Connection


Chipotle and Loomstate are working together because both food and clothing ultimately start from the same place, the farm. Our partnership is a joint commitment to environmental and social responsibility, with a focus on the highest standards in the ingredients we use, the materials we source, and our methods of production.


It's all connected. Our meals, our clothing, our environment.

— Scott Mackinlay Hahn, Loomstate
    & Steve Ells, Chipotle

Chipotle Medallion


It was a natural fit when Chipotle teamed up with Loomstate, widely recognized as a pioneer of sustainable fashion, to outfit every Chipotle employee in 100% certified organic cotton clothing. Designed in the signature style Loomstate is known for, all of the graphic tees, polos, henleys, woven shirts and hats you see in our restaurants are created using organic and sustainable materials and socially-responsible methods of production.

Bottom line: we don't only think that our uniforms look good, but know that they are good for both people and planet because the organic cotton fiber we use is cultivated free of pesticides and toxic chemicals found in conventional cotton. That's good news, because cotton seed finds its way directly into the food supply via cooking oils and animal feed. We rest easy knowing that through our commitment to organic cotton, we prevent these harmful chemicals from entering the soil and our food.

Together Chipotle and Loomstate have decided to build upon this relationship, expanding our product offering outside of our restaurants to our Chipotle fans. All of the items featured on the Chipotle Store are thoughtfully designed, sourced, and produced to convey the spirit of Chipotle with the design sensibilities of Loomstate. We are also excited to highlight on our site those companies - and their products - that share our joint commitment to environmentally- and socially-minded business practices, and are leaders in their respective fields.

It's all connected.